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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 18-Sep-22
Chapter 2: Going The Extra Mile

When you approach a potential affiliate or influencer, you want to be prepared to give them a promotional packet that provides them with everything they need to advertise your website.

Again, the easier you make it for people to promote you, the more likely people will want to jump on board.

Creating a promo pack doesn’t have to be time consuming, but it’s an essential step in standing out from the crowd and putting yourself in a position of uncovering networking opportunities.

It’s yet another step that many people overlook, so buy showing super affiliates and influencers that you know exactly what they’re looking for, and you’re willing to go the extra mile in helping them promote you with minimal effort, the more likely they’ll agree to join your marketing team.

So, what sort of things should be included in your promotional packet?

It depends on your niche market, but also on the type of product you’re offering, but you should always have an affiliate promotional page set up on your website, preferably on a dedicated joint venture page so affiliates can find it easily.

You’ll want to include the basic promotional tools, including:

Email Swipes

These are pre-written email promotions that your affiliates can copy and paste into their mailing list making it easy for them to broadcast your marketing message with very little effort involve.

Consider offering 4-5 different variations so that your team has a variety of options to choose from.

Blog Posts

Consider creating 2-3 short blog posts that outline your product, its benefits and how it will help the consumer.  Your affiliates may want to use these pre-written blog posts on their own websites. 

Social Blurbs:

Create 6-10 pre-written twitter posts, Facebook messages, Instagram and Pinterest images that affiliates can share with their following.

Landing Pages:

If you really want to give your launch the best chance of success, consider creating a couple of responsive landing pages that your affiliates can quickly customize to include their affiliate links.

Most affiliates prefer to drive traffic to a landing page before they direct traffic to the actual offer. This gives them the opportunity to offer bonuses, qualify traffic and warm up their lists. 

Free Review Access:

You’ll also want to provide review access to qualified affiliates. While this isn’t something you’ll likely want to feature on the promotional page so that you’re able to retain some control over who has free access, you’ll want to extend this invitation to seasoned affiliates who you are interested in recruiting.

Offering free access to your product allows potential affiliates to verify your quality and to ensure that your offer aligns with their audience and is something that their customers and subscribers will find valuable. 

It also goes the extra mile in providing influencers and joint venture partners with the opportunity to test out your product themselves, which could turn into a powerful testimonial or case study!

Tip: Keep your affiliate promotional page short and sweet!  No one knows about your offer yet so you only have a few seconds to get a super affiliate interested. 

Give them only what they need, including the most important promo tools, a killer headline that gets them excited about your offer and clearly outlines what matters most to them, including:

  • Commissions (how much $ or % affiliates get from each sale)
  • Length of cookies (days, months).  
  • Who gets the commission (the first, last or all referring affiliates,)
  • Payment Frequently & Methods Offered (How often they are paid, whether you pay via PayPal, etc.)

See you in next Chapter..

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