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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 18-Sep-22
Chapter 3: How To Recruit An Affiliate Army

First, not all affiliates are created equal. In fact, affiliate marketing is known to be a 90/10 game.

What does that mean?

It means that most your sales will come from the 10% of top affiliates who have agreed to market your product.

So, when building your affiliate army, you should be focused on recruiting only active affiliates who appear on leaderboards, who have a following and the outreach needed to get results.

While it may sound like a great idea to recruit as many affiliates as possible, the truth is that you could end up spending way too much time catering to affiliates who never drive in sales.

For example, new affiliates may ask for a ton of resources including extra ad or email copy, banners, landing pages, or social blurbs only to produce little results.

Your time is best spent providing support and resources to aggressive affiliates who will get the job done.

Thankfully, it’s rather easy to qualify affiliates just by looking at their online following, browsing their profiles, evaluating their past performance promoting products (check out the leaderboards on any prior launches that they’ve been involved in), and by subscribing to their list to keep a pulse on their activity as well as the type of products they promote.

While you won’t be able to qualify every affiliate, spending a bit of time evaluating the type of people you are considering recruiting will help you strengthen your promotional team and ensure that your time is spent wisely.

There are a couple of powerful resources that will help you quickly find potential affiliates for your next product launch. These include:



Both websites will help to connect you with joint venture partners and influencers in your market.  Begin by browsing the marketplace in search of similar products.

Then, look at their leaderboards and affiliate contests.  This is a great way to quickly find affiliates!  Then, search for them online and do your best to connect with them via social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. 

You should also join Facebook groups that are focused on your market, as well as groups set up to allow marketer’s and product developers space to discuss upcoming launches.

This will not only put you in direct contact with other developers in your niche which could foster networking opportunities, but it will help you determine when to launch your product. 

Facebook groups are one of the most valuable resources for finding affiliates and influencers because it provides you with a visual snapshot of how big a following they have, what products they actively promote and what their customers are most interested in. 

Learn where your target audience hang out and join those communities. That may include forums, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest or LinkedIn. You don’t need to be everywhere! You just need to be on the preferred platforms that customers, potential affiliates and joint venture partners use.

The idea is to put yourself in their line of sight. You want to interact and engage with both the influencers you’re interested in recruiting, and their following.  Get yourself on their radar and you’ll be able to build your affiliate army quickly and easily.

Here are a few other ways to find affiliates for your next product launch:

Niche Bloggers

Identify influential bloggers in your niche and reach out to them.

When first making contact don’t include a full overview of your product. Instead, keep your email short and concise. Focus on acknowledging their website, indicate that you’re dedicated to providing value in that niche and that you have a product you feel would be a good fit for their audience.  If they’re interested, you’ll be able to follow-up with more information about your product.

Facebook Groups

It’s worth mentioning once again as Facebook groups are a great way to connect with your target audience and can point you in the right direction when looking to secure affiliate partnerships.

Spend some time searching for niche-specific groups rather than ones that contain a mix of people and topics.  It’ll make it easier to pinpoint potential marketing partners as well as engage with your target audience.

Don’t spam the groups!  Instead, prepare to provide value in order to position yourself in front of possible joint venture partners and affiliates.

The key is to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and experience needed to product a high-quality product that will help your audience in some way.

Affiliate Marketing Conferences

Conferences are a great way to form new business relationships and secure networking opportunities but you’ll want to choose which events you attend carefully as there are hundreds of meet-ups every year and most of them involve a fee to attend. 

One of the most popular events can be found here:

Social Media
Follow influencers and super affiliates that cater to your market through all their social media accounts.  Connect, engage and begin to build a relationship that puts you on their radar by sharing their tweets, commenting on their Facebook comments and adding value whenever possible.

Recruit Affiliates by Doing Pay per Click Campaigns 

Test out a few different ads on Google Adwords, Bing or even Facebook o find new affiliate partners quickly.

Don’t forget to create a well-designed landing page that provides information about your affiliate page and encourages them to join your JV mailing list.

And don’t forget, your past customers often make the best affiliates!

These people who have purchased from you, so they know your quality, commitment and what you have to offer. This can translate into thoughtful testimonials and social proof that can help increase sales and exposure.

So, if you have a mailing list of customers, contact them and introduce them to your affiliate program.  Ask them to recommend your product to people in their inner circle, via social media groups, or even their friends and family. This is a great way to not only increase visibility, but to build a loyal tribe.

Add Your Website to Affiliate Directories

Sites like make it easy to add your store to their directory, putting it in front of thousands of qualified affiliates and influencers.

Here are a few other places where you can announce your upcoming launch and connect with affiliates:

Regardless what avenue you choose when recruiting affiliates, the key is to look for influencers and possible partnerships in your niche and reach out directly.

Focus on building a long-term relationship - don't just pitch your affiliate program. Have them test your products for free first, and offer them whatever tools and resources they need to effectively promote you.

See you in the next chapter....

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