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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 18-Sep-22
Chapter 4: Launching Your Affiliates Into Action

When it comes to organizing your marketing campaigns and getting affiliates prepped and ready to promote your launch, you need to make sure you give everyone enough time to get set up.

This means that as soon as your product is ready you’ll want to set up review access, create your promotional tools and begin recruiting affiliates.

The more advanced notice you can give them, and the more time they have to plan for your launch, the more focus and commitment they’ll be able to give you.

I’ve seen many launches suffer simply because the affiliates and joint venture partners weren’t given enough time to align their marketing campaigns with the launch process. Since most super affiliates have their promotional campaigns planned and booked weeks, sometimes months in advance, it’s important that you give them as much notice as possible so they can work you into their schedule.

This is where a JV newsletter comes into play. You want to create a mailing list exclusively for your affiliates.

This will let you stay in touch and inform your partners of every component of the launch, including any free content made available during the pre-launch phase, what available upgrades or upsells are being made available, and anything else that will help them keep a pulse on your launch.

Having a newsletter dedicated to affiliates is also a great way to motivate your marketing partners so you can keep the momentum going.
With so many launches taking place each day it’s easy for affiliates to get caught up with another product, so the more engaged and connected you are, the better.

You can design a simple landing page that includes information about your affiliate program, what platform you use (eg; WarriorPlus, ClickBank, ProductDyno, JVZoo, etc), and of course how much they’ll earn per sale.  

Depending on what affiliate program you are using, you can either direct them to a sign-up link (as in the case if you sell on JVZoo or WarriorPlus), or if you run self-hosted affiliate program, you can direct them to create an affiliate account on your website which should automatically add them to your JV newsletter.

Set up an autoresponder sequence right away so that whenever a new affiliate subscribes to your list they get an email the same day that outlines your program, notifies of them of any upcoming launches and gets them excited about your products.

If you have a promotional tools page ready, you’ll want to include that in the initial email so they can download the resources and work you into their schedule.

When it comes to keeping affiliates engaged throughout your entire launch process, keep in mind that the best launches involve a 3-part process:

This is when you are building your affiliate army and connecting with joint venture partners and influencers.  

Your pre-launch process can be as long or as short as you want it to be, depending on your goals and how much work you have to do before you’re ready to launch.

However, keep in mind that the longer the pre-launch phase is, the harder it will be to keep momentum going, especially with potential customers who are interested in your product.

It’s during the pre-launch phase when you’ll begin to generate buzz, solidify important partnerships and continue working to build a relationship with your customers.  

If this is your first product launch ever, no worries! You can still lay the groundwork for your launch by sharing information via social media, your mailing list (if you have one), and by engaging with any active audiences you have.

Obviously, this is when your product goes live and affiliates can start promoting it.  Your launch can last anywhere from a few days to a matter of weeks.

The key is to analyze other product launches in your market to determine the best time-frame for your launch.

How long do other launches run for?

Is there a special price offered during the first few days and then it increases once the launch is over?  Mimicking the structure of successful launches, and then working to improve on their format is the fastest way to success.

Tip:  Set up a series of broadcasts designed to go out to affiliates once every few days, in the days leading up to your launch.  

Include links to done-for-you email swipes, blog posts, social media announcements and anything else your marketing partners can quickly copy and paste into their own funnels and campaigns.

Give them everything they need without making them dig for it. Send them direct links in your email campaigns so they can pick and choose what they want to use.

See you in the next chapter...

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