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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 18-Sep-22
Chapter 5: Maximizing Sales With Affiliate Contests

If you want to encourage affiliates to actively promote you and maximize your sales and overall exposure, consider running a contest that includes an updated leaderboard.

A sales leaderboard is essentially a contest that keeps track of the top performing affiliates. In other words, the affiliates who drive in the most sales.

Featuring a leaderboard that is updated to show the top 10 affiliates in the running, along with the various cash prizes available, is a great way to motivate your affiliate team.

It really brings out the competitive side of people!

An affiliate contest can:

-    Motivate and inspire affiliates to keep promoting, and to close more sales, especially when they can see themselves climbing up the leaderboard.  

-    Encourage joint venture partners to email their list more frequently as they try to push their way up to the top.

When it comes to creating an affiliate contest, there are a few things you’ll want to consider early on:

How long your contest will be active.
Decide whether you want your contest to run the full length of your launch, or for just a part of it.

Most affiliate contests will remain open throughout the entire launch process of 5-7 days.

You’ll want to make sure your leaderboard is updated regularly for as long as the contest is open.

How you’ll reward affiliates.
Decide whether you want your contest to reward affiliates based on when they reach a certain number of sales, or whether they’ll be eligible to win regardless of sales volume.

If you do base your contest around the amount of sales made, you’ll want to make sure your prize makes sense (the bigger the sales, the bigger the prize).

Additional Incentives.
Some affiliate contests offer more than just cash prizes to the top 1-3 on the leaderboard to reward other affiliates who may not have as great of an outreach, but who have worked hard to promote your launch.
Consider what kind of incentives you could offer those who are further down the leaderboard.  Smaller cash prizes or gift cards are always great ideas.

You can create an affiliate contest and leaderboard easily if you plan to launch your product through marketplaces like, or as they have built-in tools readily available.

 JVZoo has a series of video tutorials available that show you how to quickly set up your affiliate contest. You can find one of those here:

If you use a tool like ClickFunnels, they offer what they call Backpack, which gives you an up-to-date overview of affiliate sales, commissions, referrals, payment dues and a lot more.

They also make it easy to set up and run an affiliate contest for your launch.

If you plan to launch your website through another marketplace, or on your own website, you might want to check out this free Wordpress plugin that helps you set up an affiliate program as well as run powerful affiliate contests that will motivate your partners every step of the way.

You can grab the plugin here:

Whatever platform you choose, make sure you use a reliable affiliate management system that allows you to track sales in real time. That way you can keep your leaderboard updated regularly.

Note: For weekly or monthly affiliate contests, you should consider adding a timer or countdown script to your competition page. Doing this will add a sense of urgency to your contest and keep your affiliates aware of how much time they have left.  This is a great way to boost sales and keep affiliates motivated as they’ll want to send you as many customers as possible before the deadline.

Tip: You could also set up an Affiliate Recruitment Contest where you provide rewards for referrals.

This is a great way to build your affiliate army and because you can pay out cash rewards only if those referrals drive in sales, you only spend money when you make it.

See you next chapter...

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