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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 18-Sep-22
Chapter 6: Final Words

I hope the information contained within this special report has helped you think of ways of reaching out and connecting with influencers and affiliate partners.

The key is to be consistent when building your affiliate army and to always be on the lookout for ways of attracting and engaging with affiliates through many different avenues.

Building your affiliate team will take time and patience. If you spend a few minutes a day exploring networks and communities where your target audience congregates, and you work towards developing a rock-solid landing page that provides information about your affiliate program and highlights the benefits to joining, you’ll begin to see results quickly.

Remember, your own customers often make the best affiliates because while they may not have the outreach that super affiliates have, they’ve already been introduced to your brand and are familiar with the quality of your products.

Reach out to everyone within your inner circle, newsletters and take advantage of any social outreach you may have.  

Begin the process of affiliate recruitment weeks before your product launch takes place.

You want to give yourself enough time to be able to connect with potential partners, provide them with free review access to your product, and give them enough time to prepare for your launch.

I wish you the very best of success!


Here are links to some of the resources found in this guide as well as other websites and networks to help you get started.

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