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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 19-Sep-22
Chapter 9: Create an Online Course

Begin by evaluating your skillset, experiences and personal interests.  What do you know a lot about? What books have you read recently? What courses have you personally taken?

Check out the top course marketplaces like, and and you’ll be able to quickly nail down dozens of course ideas just by browsing the descriptions and overview of popular courses.

When choosing the topic for your online course, consider:

•    What is your target audience struggling to understand?
•    What are people actively trying to learn?
•    What segment of your niche could you create a course on?
•    What problem could you help people solve?

Next, create an outline for your course.  That way you can plot out the different components and create a solid structure for your training that guides customers from one module to the next.

Break down topics into smaller, digestible segments as well.

You want to be careful not to overwhelm your students so focus on one specific segment of your topic in each module and then provide them with simple tasks or assignments that they can complete in order to demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

When it comes to hosting your course, you’ll have many options to choose from including:
Teachable provides you with the ability to fully brand your course, including creating and customizing a complete online school using their easy website building tool.  You can then incorporate your design into your main course page, lectures and even sales pages.
With this platform, you’re able to create and host courses directly on your own branded website.  This is a great option for those who want more flexibility and control over their product.

They also put you in full control over pricing, course content and marketing while providing you with all the tools you need to create a stunning course.
Udemy is one of the top course marketplaces online with over 20 million students enrolled in various programs. They provide free course design tools that guide you through the entire process of developing, outlining and executing a high-quality product.


See you in the next chapter...

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