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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 20-Sep-22
Chapter 5: Where to Sell Your Course

There are many different marketplaces that offer course creation tools and resources that will help you create your training program quickly and easily, but not all of them operate in the same way.

Let’s look at a few of the more popular options so you can choose which platform works best for you:

If you’re planning to create a video-based course, you’ll want to look at SkillShare. This is also a great place to start because they let you upload individual lessons rather than having to create a full-length course.

Lessons must be 10 minutes or longer, however most videos range from 15-25 minutes long, on average.

Students enroll in the courses that interest them and you’re paid royalties each time someone watches your videos.   

Best of all, there’s no approval process, so you can get started right away.

Udemy is one of the top course marketplaces online with over 20 million students enrolled in various programs.

They provide free course design tools that guide you through the entire process of developing, outlining and executing a high-quality product. So, if you’re new to course creation, you’ll find their step-by-step walkthrough guides very helpful.  

When it comes to what you can charge for access to your course, Udemy gives you the option of pricing your course anywhere between $20-200 in tiers of 45 (for example, $20, $25, $30, etc.), or you can choose to offer your course for free.

You’ll find more information regarding their price structure here:  

Please note that to charge for your course, you’ll need to complete an application to become a Premium Instructor. Udemy has the details on how to do this here:

Teachable provides you with the ability to fully brand your course, including creating and customizing a complete online school using their easy website building tool.  You can then incorporate your design into your main course page, lectures and even sales pages.

When it comes to revenue share, Teachable works a bit differently from other programs by offering membership tiers that cost anywhere from $39-299 per month.

You are charged a 5-10% commission fee per sale, unless you choose to upgrade to a paid membership plan.

You can find out more information here:

WizIQ has been around for more than 10 years and continues to thrive as a centralized community for live classes and popular courses.  

WizIQ supports all file formats, so you can create a course that offers a variety of content ranging from video to audio, as well as include quizzes, surveys and tests that serve as auxiliary components.

With this platform, you’re able to create and host courses directly on your own branded website.  This is a great option for those who want more flexibility and control over their product.

They also put you in full control over pricing, course content and marketing while providing you with all the tools you need to create a stunning course.

Spend some time evaluating the different course marketplaces to choose the platform that will help you achieve your goals.  

All the above websites offer a variety of helpful tools that will make it easy to create a stand-out course, but their price structure, flexibility and ability to customize will differ.


See you in the next chapter

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