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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 20-Sep-22
Chapter 6: Maximize Your Income

Looking to sell more courses and maximize your income? Here are a few ways to design a product that will stand out in the marketplace.

Come up with an attention-grabbing title:
The title of your course needs to resonate with potential students, so you’ll want to spend some time crafting an attractive, attention-grabbing title that includes powerful keywords relating to your topic.  

Take your time with this! Coming up with a powerful title that will instantly capture attention is a critical component to your course’s overall success.

You need your title to connect with your audience immediately so you can keep their attention long enough to persuade them to enroll in your course.

Create a detailed course outline (but don’t give too much away):
You want to give student’s as much information as possible so they know exactly what to expect from your course, but at the same time you don’t want your description to be so long and wordy that you lose the attention of your audience.  

Begin with a course summary that appeals to skim readers, and then fill in the gaps with a bit more information about what each module offers. Use sexy, powerful trigger words throughout your copy.

While your course title is a powerful magnet at drawing students in, your course description should keep the momentum going so work at building excitement throughout your copy.

Use bullet points to break up your content and better highlight important information that you know your audience cares about the most.  

Then, upload an attractive, professionally designed image that illustrates the quality of your course. You’ll want to make sure your image is 1280x720 for most course platforms.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse:
If this is your first online course, consider setting a lower price on your content initially to generate reviews. Then you can increase your price once you’ve gotten your course off the ground.  

The more reviews you have, along with the higher number of enrolled students, the more appealing your course will be to new users who haven’t heard of you before.

Idea: You could also create two courses: one that serves as a basic, introductory course at a lower price and then a more in-depth course for those who wish to continue their education after they’ve invested in your starter program.

You’ll want to research what other courses in your niche are selling for so you have a better idea as to what people expect to pay. This will help you determine an average price point so you can come up with the best pricing strategy for your course.

You want to set a reasonable price without under valuing your content.  

You also need to keep your personal goals in mind, such as:

* The number of people you are trying to reach. Obviously, a lower price point will drive in a higher number of learners.

* Your income objectives.  A higher price point will generate more money even with a lower enrollment.

Stick with The Top Marketplaces:
This is very important if you aren’t interested in having to market off-site!

By featuring your course on one of the top platforms, rather than hosting the course on your own website, you’ll be able to start making money even if you never promote your course anywhere else!

Leveraging the popularity of the top marketplaces allows you to tap into the marketing and SEO efforts put forward by the companies, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money promoting your course on your own before you can see results.

Of course, if you wish to promote your course on your own you can easily do so by sharing it through your social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and twitter, but it’s not necessary.  

Regardless what your course is about, you’ll make money from the exposure you’ll receive by being listed on these marketplaces.

Encourage Reviews
One thing you should do is in encourage your students to leave reviews. Just like with books on Amazon, the higher number of reviews, the easier it will be to convince potential students to enroll in your course.

You can motivate students to leave reviews in a few different ways, including by offering to send them free content upgrades or an extra module just for leaving feedback.

Tip:  Rather than ask for a student to leave a review only at the end of your course, consider prompting them for feedback at different points during the learning process.

See you in the next chapter

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