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Published by: Al-Rakeesh Alexander on 21-Sep-22
Chapter 6: Quick & Easy Monetization Strategies

Here are a few fast and furious ways to monetize your lists.

Membership/Continuity Websites
Membership sites will never go out of fashion.  People love receiving fresh content automatically every month without having to think about renewing their purchase or manually paying for access.

From a website owner’s perspective, it simply simplifies the process of keeping customers active within a funnel, while giving them the reassurance of a stable monthly income they can count on.  

There are many ways to create a membership site, however, the tool we use to create and manage our subscription-based sites makes everything easy and straightforward.  

It’s called Product Dyno and it’s available from

The great thing about Product Dyno is that it’s all-in-one solution, so even if you aren’t quite ready to create a membership site, it also works at protecting digital products and single-sale downloads.  

You can also choose to host your download pages and files on your own hosting account, or simplify the process by allowing Product Dyno to do all of that for you.

Regardless of what software or platform you use to create your membership site, you’ll want to tie it in with your existing email campaigns. For example, you could offer a subscription model that takes place entirely via email that gives your subscribers access to premium content.

You could also set up your membership site so that whenever a subscriber joins they are given access to a private Facebook group, or can view videos that are otherwise unlisted on YouTube.  There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate a paid-access model into your email marketing campaign.

Membership sites also don’t have to cost a lot of money. You could simply start out with a lower-end price point just to move subscribers into your funnel so you can begin to qualify leads and segment your lists for better engagement.  

Even subscription sites that charge as little as $10 a month are great tools for weeding out tire-kickers and converting readers into buyers.

Think about how you could create a subscription website into your email campaigns and maximize your income quickly.

Tip: Offer subscribers will early-bird access at a lower rate.  This is a great way to jumpstart your membership site by offering people with a heavily discounted price for the first few months, or grandfather them in by letting them continue paying a lower fee as long as they keep their account active.

Email Based Coaching
Coaching and consulting is big business and more and more email marketers are getting into the game by charging for either personal or group training.  

If you have an engaged email list, you could easily maximize your income by setting up a short-term coaching program that provides in-depth training on a certain topic.  

Your coaching program could be designed to be completed over Skype, through email, via a private Facebook group, or you could set up a fully loaded training program via a site like in order to streamline your business and grow your audience outside of your email campaigns.

Training programs are also a great way to position yourself as an authority in your market and to increase brand awareness.  They also serve as great testing grounds for future product launches as you’ll gain valuable feedback from students who move through the course.

There are many different training platforms you could use, including:

Email Based Service
You could easily set up a series of paid-access emails that go out every day, or every week.  Only those who pay for access will receive this content. Just make sure that you mark your campaigns as private from within your mailing list account as by default some providers will make your email broadcasts available to the public, or anyone who shares the link.

Facebook Group
We’ve talked about Facebook groups already, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Facebook groups are easy to set up and manage. You can add additional administrators or moderators who can help keep on top of posts, comments and remove any spam.  

However, there is a major downside to using Facebook groups - you aren’t in full control of your community. Should Facebook limit your account or put you in what’s called “Facebook jail”, you could find yourself locked out of your own group.  

The best way around this is to run your coaching program from your own website, but offer access to a private Facebook group as a bonus to those who subscribe.

Webinars are great ways of introducing your brand to new prospects.  You could easily set up a series of Webinars as part of your coaching program, or run them independently if you’re looking to gain new email subscribers.  

Just make sure you email the registration link to existing contacts as well as a reminder link on the day your webinar is set to take place.

Affiliate Marketing
Obviously, affiliate marketing is one of the most common methods of monetizing your email list.  It’s a great replacement for those who don’t have a product of their own, but even if you do, it’s a fantastic way to maximize your income during the times where you’re working on developing new products that aren’t market ready.  
Just match quality products with your audience and earn a commission!

Here are a few affiliate networks worth considering:


Amazon Associates




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